The Oman Trade team is small, swift and very well experienced. The business has been family owned for 3 generations and all the partners are in general consensus with their basic business values and principles. Kanaksinh Trikamdas Sampat known within the company and among clientele as Kanakbhai, is a well respected veteran having started his career in the import-export industry, post World War 2. Within years of working for various firms, his then employers, given his expertise offered him a share of the profits and switched him over completely to exports. It was then that Kanakbhai established a well rounded client network in Oman, which today, forms our base region of export.

His son and grandson, Sanjay Kanaksinh Sampat and Chintan Sanjay Sampat have both been inseparable parts of Oman Trade having brought in their expertise and ideas with sound execution over the years. Both SKS and CSS are well qualified with concentrations in Commerce, and Chintan Sampat has earned himself a Post-Graduate degree from Australia followed by a few years of work experience with large corporates overseas. He also served as an investment banker with the Royal Bank of Scotland, prior to his engagement with Oman Trade.

All in all, this well balanced pool of professionals supported by an able office and clerical staff, make for great business partners and assure you of the safety of your investment and business, right from order placement to execution to delivery.

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